After wow, wow, wow WOW-ing the crowd at Sydney Mardi Gras over the weekend, Queen Kylie Minogue has finally announced the first two dates for her much-anticipated Anti-Tour, an intimate showcase for hardcore fans devoted to the B-sides, rarities and unreleased tracks we giggle and fawn over in both forums and the blog world alike.


Sunday 18th March 2012 The Palace, 20-30 Bourke St., Melbourne
Tuesday 20th March 2012 The Big Top, Luna Park, Sydney

Small, intimate, unexpected. A unique experience, for super fans only. Kylie and her band performing those songs you thought you’d never hear live! The flipside to a huge “Kylie production”, a once in a lifetime chance and a night to remember.

Tickets for the first Australian shows are going on sale Wednesday (!), so check out for full details now. (Fingers crossed for at least one US show later this year!)

The only question that remains: What numbers will Kylie perform? PopJustice compiled a solid 5 song request list this morning. “Loving You” is likely my number one as well: The song decimates entire discographies of other artists.

Some other ones I’d love to see/hear?

1.) “Made of Glass,” the chilly Xenomania-produced B-side to “Giving You Up.” It’s nearly as incredible as “Loving You,” and certainly just as lush. “Love makes the world go ’round, I hold it in my hands/But it slips away and I watch it fade…” Gorgeous and fragile. (Speaking of, I’d love to hear “Fragile” too!)

2.) “Love Takes Over Me,” the B-side to “Some Kind of Bliss.” That otherworldly noir production (like “Confide In Me” being propelled through space), those eerie yelps in the distance (“love, love, love“!) Sensual, sophisticated, strange…it’s one of my favorite Impossible Princess-era moments.

2.) “B.P.M.”, the B-side to 2005’s “I Believe In You.” As immediate as anything off of Fever, the scorching BiffCo-produced dance-pop number could have easily been an international smash hit follow-up to “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.”

4.) “Obsession,” an album track from Body Language. I’ve always considered this one of the more overlooked tracks on Kylie’s (equally overlooked) 2003 album. Plus, I’m a sucker for songs about obsession because…well, I have tendencies. “Obsession is a dangerous state of mind…”

5.) “Heartstrings,” a bonus track from Aphrodite. Yet another mesmerizing Xenomania moment of dreamy synthesizers and lush, cooed vocals. Actually, can there just be an entire segment devoted to Xenomania productions during the tour? Please?

Name some of your favorites too!