Dannii Minogue is officially returning to music, and I officially can’t sleep at night.

Today, the artist responsible for arguably one of the greatest dance-pop records of all time, Neon Nights (among countless other fabulous records, obviously), confirmed that she’ll finally be making her musical comeback on the stage of Sydney’s massive annual LGBT celebration, Mardi Gras.

And in case you’ve begun to wonder: Why now?

She’s got an answer, courtesy of news.com.au:

“I’ve been wanting to do music for ages but something was holding me back. Now I feel really settled. I feel like I’m in a personal space where I can do it and it’s going to be fun. Physically I’m really well right now, I had all these health issues in the last few years, I just want to get out there and enjoy it. Mardi Gras makes sense. I just have to brush off the dust and get back out there.”

She’s given us no hints to work with just yet regarding the type of music at hand (prayers for a sequel to 1997 dolphin sex opus “Everybody Changes Underwater”), although there is a duet in the works that baby Ethan approves of, despite his open disdain for his mother’s heavenly vocals.

“When I used to sing when Ethan was really little he’d go ‘Mum, stop’ so I just didn’t sing,” she joked. “He’s only heard my new stuff, he’s in the know with all that. There’s a duet I’ve written that is really badass funky that he loves.”

While she’s no doubt feeling so under pressure having been gone from the scene for so long, it will likely be perfection — one never really loses that feeling, after all.

Dannii is back, and life is suddenly worth living again.