The cat’s out of the perfume bottle.

We all know that Britney Jean Spears‘ upcoming Britney Jean maybe-single “Perfume” was co-penned by this week’s Billboard cover star, Sia.

But there’s another writer on the track — none other than Chris Braide, the talented songwriter and producer known for his work on Lana Del Rey‘s Born To Die (“Million Dollar Man”), as well as dozens of Brit-pop acts like Diana Vickers, The Saturdays and Pixie Lott.

I spoke with Chris about three years ago (time goes by…not so slowly), and we nerded out about all things pop — as one does. This week, I checked in again with Chris about his work with the Holy Spearit, and he was nice enough to provide MuuMuse with a lil’ tidbit about producing Brit Brit’s Spearitual vocals on “Perfume”:

When I was producing her vocals, it was obvious to me why she’s still one of the greatest pop stars ever. Unmistakably Britney, effortlessly iconic.

And there you have it, direct from the “Perfume” co-writer himself. Are you ready for what’s next?


“Perfume” will be released on November 5. (iTunes)