Surprise! The snippets from Madonna‘s MDNA just keep on keepin’ on!

Today’s track: “Beautiful Killer,” which was produced by Martin Solveig and inspired by French film star, Alain Delon.

My first reaction? OHMYGOD, it sounds just like a Girls Aloud track! (Specifically “Singapore.”)

The swirling, listless ’60’s vibe with the surf guitar and dramatic strings? Excellent. And that whispering of “Beautiful Killer”? Tingles! So very “Love Profusion.” (“I got you, under my skin…”) What a femme fatale!

I can’t handle the wait any longer. Someone put me out of my misery already!

“Can’t really talk with a gun in my mouth…”

“I Don’t Give A” | “Falling Free” | “I’m Addicted” | “Love Spent” | “Gang Bang” | “Superstar”

MDNA will be released on March 26. (iTunes)