Wait–really? Yes, really.

Idol Queen Katharine McPhee, she of flaw-free footery, has finally debuted her new single off of the upcoming Smash soundtrack from Columbia Records–and it’s quite literally a SMASH. (Do you see what I did there? DO YOU?)

Co-penned by Ryan Tedder and Bonnie McKee (AKA already amazing), “Touch Me” finds McPhee delivering her full-bodied vocals (with a little Auto-Tune for that chilly dance robot effect, not that she’d ever actually need it) above a surging House pulse: “Touch me/I wanna feel it on my body/Put your hands on me!” she yelps. Think Kelly Rowland‘s “Commander” meets Britney‘s “Hold It Against Me.”

Not only is “Touch Me” pure dark, sexy club-pop euphoria, but it’s one of McPhee’s most thrilling pop productions yet. Actually, it’s probably her greatest song to date. That McPheever is burnin’ hot, hot, hot!

Seriously, this is an absolute must. This track is so, so killer! Listen now: