Kumi Likes It Bent

Kumi Koda has had a tough year. Ever since a few choice words uttered during a radio show program that unnecessarily pissed off the greater half of Japan (which were fairly innocuous in my opinion), she hasn’t been able to gather the momentum once maintained during the height of her fame for the past three years. But just when you thought she’d be down for the count…Think again! Kumi’s back, and she’s come swinging back into her usual sexy fashion, proving there’s still one audience willing to overcome her dish on the amniotic sac: The homosexuals!

That’s right–Proving to be our most mainstream haggy heroine, Kumi is no stranger to implementing shades of homoeroticism within her work, as evidenced by her the controversial “Ima Sugu Hoshii” clip. For her latest video for “TABOO, a rather fantastic Timbaland clone full of throbbing, noisy synths, Kumi makes her way into the middle of a trendy gay bar. Skin-tight clothing, luscious lips, and plenty of suggestive bend-and-snaps all add up to yet another fabulously over-the-top raunch fest ripe for adding to the Kumi videography. Get it, girl.

Sip Of Catnip

Sip Of Catnip

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Daily B: Upgrade U

Daily B: Upgrade U


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