So, “FourFiveSeconds” is officially how “Pour It Up” orchestral twerker-turned indie guitar folk-pop singer-songwriter Rihanna is kicking off the R8 campaign, which is…well, okay then!

And now, there’s a video for the song too, because it’s really, really the lead single from the album. Alrighty!

The black and white clip’s got Rih, Macca and Yeezus. They’re all wearing denim and looking very serious, because that’s what you do when you’ve got some Serious Important Art at hand. The aspect ratio is annoyingly square — because it is Art, like a canvas upon which Yeezy and Rih have painted their dreams.

The entire thing feels like it’s trying particularly hard to be a moment of Very Serious Art, which is a shame, considering Rihanna is the opposite of a try-hard, which is why that Rihanna reign has otherwise never let up. But, hey — at least she looks real pretty!

Oh right, and they’re all performing it together at the Grammys too. So, break out the geetars at home and sing along! Or, you know, just mute the TV and put on Rated R.


“FourFiveSeconds” was released on January 24. (iTunes)