It’s all very black and white, you see: Neon Hitch can simply fuck you betta, bay-bee!

Just minutes ago, MTV premiered the Chris Appelbaum-directed video for “Love U Betta,” the latest single from Neon Hitch’s forthcoming 2012 debut LP, Beg, Borrow and Steal (and still one of my favorite pop singles of the year thus far!)

MuuMuse’s favorite fiery-headed gypsy-pop princess is serving body, body, body for days in her latest clip, delivering a fierce routine around a silver chair a la Brit Brit‘s “Stronger”, poppin’ her poo-say in a rill scurry cemetery, and rolling in the deep, black tar style. (Where’s a girl’s feather headdress when you need one?)

You’re filthy, Neon! And I love absolutely every second of it. Now just who would ever dare to give that up?

“Love U Betta” was released on February 3. (iTunes)