Sky Ferreira Performs “You’re Not The One” on ‘Late Show With David Letterman’, Nails It

As you might have seen/heard/suspected/prophesied by now, Sky Ferreira‘s Night Time, My Time is one of my very, very favorite albums of the year.

And so, it brings me much joy and maternal pride to see my bb hitting the big time with a late night TV debut of “You’re Not The One” last night on Late Show with David Letterman.

Decked out in a chic black blazer and skirt, shimmer leggings and a giant pair of “Fuck Off” shades straight from the moody music video, Sky brooded oh-so-beautifully while belting her excellent tune. She sounds great! The best part, obviously, is when she finally rips off the sunglasses and shakes out that hair for a moment — oh, and that final note at the end as the music drops out? Stick that in your turkey, haters.

YASSSSS, Sky! You did so good, YASSSSS!

‘Night Time, My Time’ was released on October 29. (iTunes)

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