Another day, another new Madonna snippet!

“Love Spent” is the next MDNA track to get the 60-second preview treatment, co-crafted alongside longtime collaborator, William Orbit.

Like “I’m Addicted,” “Love Spent” is a trippy, trancey disco tune (although this one’s a mid-tempo), colored by bright, twinkling 8-bit electronica, kicking drums and soaring synthesizers. “I want you to hold me like you hold your money/Hold on to it ‘til there’s nothing left,” the Queen sweetly croons.

Still not sure where I’d place it sonically on the Madonna spectrum, though–perhaps midway between “Impressive Instant” and “Future Lovers”? Apart from “Give Me All Your Luvin,” everything’s pointing toward a lighter Confessions On A Dance Floor.

My only gripe? Her vocals still sound a little too…flat/thin/processed for my liking (though it’s hard to tell from the low quality of these snippets). Still, it’s all shades of intergalactic gorgeousness so far…I can’t wait to hear it in full!

I’m love spent, wondering where it all went…