Toni Braxton Unleashes New Club Anthem, “I Heart You”

The ever fierce, ever fabulous Miss Toni Braxton has just unveiled a sizzlin’ new banga for all you club boys and girls–and it’s free!

“I Heart You,” the singer’s latest release since her sixth studio album Pulse in 2010 (which is really incredible and overlooked, for the record), finds Miss Braxton getting back into the “Make My Heart” swing of things by returning to the dance floor. (Remember that video? I’m telling yo…so overlooked!)

“Sitting here/Thinking of you with a candle lit, fantasizing,” she belts out in full diva mode. So sensual! So soulful! Mmm. The track builds quickly thereafter, as the songstress struggles to cope with a bad case of unrequited love. “What am I gonna do?” Braxton cries.

Luckily, she’s found a solution by the song’s end: “I think I’m gonna dance,” she suddenly announces as the track blazes into a storming House beat. I bet Robyn would definitely agree with you, Toni! Love it.

I utterly adore Miss Braxton’s work (past and present alike!), so I’m thrilled to see that this track’s getting a positive reaction on the interwebz already. It’s absolutely amazing…let’s hope this one builds up steam at the clubs!

Stream/download the track above, courtesy of Pro Motion US!

“I Heart You” was released on March 9. (iTunes)

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