Marina + The Diamonds Releases Teaser Trailer for “Primadonna” Video

Quelle scandale!

It’s the first taste of both the song and video for Marina + The Diamonds‘s new single off of Electra Heart, “Primadonna”!

Think Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous meets Valley Of The Dolls in this 16-second trailer as Marina–sorry, Electra Heart–trounces about to display her decadent lifestyle, showcasing her love of furs, pearls and glamorous baby turtle. Get it, you morally-repugnant-yet-glamorously-chic bitch!

As for the song itself, “Primadonna” sounds like a total Dr. Luke surging pop anthem (Femme Fatale/Teenage Dream vibez!), with a healthy heaping of “Radioactive” for good measure. I’m so in ♡ already!

“Primadonna girl, all I ever wanted was the world…”

Electra Heart will be released on April 30. (iTunes)

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