Beyonce Relaunches Completely Amazing Official Website

This ought to get the Beyhive buzzin’…

In case you missed the rumbling under your feet this morning, Queen Beysus just announced the relaunch of her official website with her first ever tweet–and the results are pretty incredible.

The hyper-interactive new site includes dozens of new features, including The Vault–a comprehensive collection of album shoots, live performances, magazine spreads, behind-the-scenes video snapshots along with photographer credits–as well as the equally impressive Music section, which includes lyrics, album credits, photography and full streams of all of her records.

But the greatest addition of all might be the BeyHive, which sports an unbelievably hilarious/ridiculous Stan-Wars-esque encyclopedia of all Bey-related vocabulary: “Without the Queen Bey, there wouldn’t be a beyhive,” the site explains. Find out your true stan personality: Are you a “Honey Bey” or a “Bumble Bey”? The section even references stan-friendly terms like “dragging” and “haters.” Truly a must read.

And that is how you do an official website.

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