Meet Anna Naklab. Or, well, meet her voice, anyway. She doesn’t have any promotional photos just yet.

In fact, the vocalist has been pretty enshrouded in mystery ever since her career took off last year with a dance floor-friendly cover of Chris Isaak‘s “Wicked Games” with Parra for Cuva, which hit Top 10 in the UK.

This year, she’s got a new tune out: “Supergirl” — which is actually also a cover too, this time of the debut single by German rock troupe Reamonn, a Top 5 hit over in Europe in 2000. (Check out the original song below.)

The reworking, which was co-helmed by German producer Alle Farben and Berlin-based duo YOUNOTUS, is a pretty soothing, laid-back House production. Anna’s voice weaves through gentle pulsations and bright guitar riffs, recalling Natalie Merchant in brief moments. There’s a kind of lingering sadness coursing through the record, and everyone knows that nothing beats a bit of melancholy on the dance floor.

“It’s okay, I got lost on the way/But I’m a supergirl, and supergirls don’t cry…”

“Supergirl” was released on January 30. (iTunes)