While you were sitting at home reorganizing your Girls Aloud singles collection in reverse chronological order to help pass the time between now and their impending reunion, Queen Cheryl Cole spent the past weekend in L.A. shooting the video for her upcoming dance floor (soon to be) anthem, “Call My Name.”

The clip for the song was directed by Anthony Mandler, who’s perhaps most famous for his frequent collabos with Rihanna, including “Only Girl (In The World)” and “Man Down.”

As one might gather from these on-set images (there’s about a million more right here), Cheryl’s looking seriously sick. Not like malaria sick, but rather “Oh, okay, so like…I’m straight now” sick. Like, bangin’ bod. Fierce hair. Fresh style. Like, OHMYGOD.

The drop dead gorgeous “Promise This” songstress tweeted out a few teaser lyrics after declaring the video a wrap earlier today: “Its a WRAP!! How d’ya think I feel when you Call My Name ??.. #saymynamebaby.” Rumor has it the single drops officially on April 20 on BBC Radio, but who knows? These things have a tendency to premiere unexpectedly earlier…

Between the behind-the-scenes shots of the video and the names attached to this project, it’s looking more and more likely that 2012 might actually be The Year of the Cole.

Prepare your body accordingly.