Three weeks ago, Fred Falke premiered his absolutely mind-blowing remix of Australian comeback chanteuse Ricki-Lee Coulter‘s second single from her upcoming third studio album, “Do It Like That.”

Now, it’s finally time for us to hear the real thing.

The original mix of Coulter’s latest Aussie release is a much livelier affair than the remix suggests, featuring a bleepy video game beat, blaring synthesizers and a bouncy, marching band-like ferocity, sort of similar to Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies.” And brave yourselves for the breakdown: Yep, “Hold It Against Me” dubstep breakdown alert! (That Godney reign just won’t let up…)

The bright ‘n’ bubbly video’s a whole bunch of fun too (what with all the choreography and sassy strutting and all), except for the slightly odd fact that the Ricki-Lee is missing a pair of pants throughout the entire clip. Seriously, what happened there? Did the label blew the entire video budget on the giant letters that spell out her name? Ketchup incident from the hot dog vendor? Oh well.

Giant letters beat out proper attire on the pop perfection scale, anyway.