MuuMuse Approved: Wild at Heart – Darling

Now this is something seriously worth getting excited about.

Swedish duo Erik Lindestad and Li Stanley, together known as Wild At Heart (formerly Cleat Eatwood) just dropped a new song on SoundCloud called “Darling,” which was co-produced by dreamy Swede-pop purveyors Sound of Arrows–and it’s absolutely everything.

“Darling” is a desperate, devastating, and oh so very Swedish plead to rekindle the spark, colored by twinkling electronica and nebulous synths that burst (or, well, sparkle) with that spacy Sound of Arrows charm.

“All the things we never spoke of, all the things we should have done/If you leave me now, you’re leaving me like a bullet on the run,” Lindestad gently whisper-croons above the song’s bouncing beat and electric guitar undercurrent.

Apart from the general perfection that pumps through every millisecond of the tune,”Darling” also happens to feature arguably the greatest line in pop I’ve heard this year/in years within the chorus: “Darling don’t get over me, get under me instead.” I MEAN…

The production is an absolute dream, the lyrics are incredible and the vocals make me shiver every few seconds. “Darling” is already one of my favorite songs of 2012…easily.

The group is offering up an assortment of their demos right now on Bandcamp which are similarly dreamy, as well as an unbelievably haunting cover of MGMT‘s Electric Feel.”

An act to watch for, no doubt.

Many thanks to music maestro Steve Anderson for bringing this one to my attention on Twitter.

The Wild at Heart Minimix is available on Bandcamp.

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