Daily B: Britney Shooting Twister Dance Commercial

While The Holy Spearit is keeping us all on our toes/got our tongues tied in knots/making us cry watching the days wondering whether or not she’ll be blessing the stage of US X Factor this year, she’s been busy working her butt off at Millennium Dance Complex in Hollywood preparing to shoot the commercial(s) for her upcoming game-changing game changer, Twister Dance.

Earlier today, Godney tweeted:

Think I may have enjoyed dance rehearsal a little too much yesterday! This one definitely had a fun twist to it…

To which “Till The World Ends” director Ray Kay then responded later this evening:

@britneyspears Hah! Let’s twist it even more on the shoot tomorrow – looking forward to create magic with you again :)

His tweet confirms a news update floating around the many insane Brazilian Britney fan sites last week, which named Ray Kay as the director for the campaign. The story also confirmed Chonique Sneed and Lisette Bustamante as the choreographers, who previously worked with Britney during the In The Zone era. It all sounds about right to me!

Looks like yet another flaw-free commercial is about to be added to the collection…like THIS.

Now then–let us see what you can do, B!

MuuMuse Approved: Delta Goodrem – “Sitting on Top of the World”
Delta Goodrem Sitting On Top of the World

MuuMuse Approved: Delta Goodrem – “Sitting on Top of the World”

If you’re somehow not already familiar, Delta Goodrem is Australian

Rihanna Releases “Where Have You Been” Single Cover

Rihanna Releases “Where Have You Been” Single Cover

Illuminati Princess of China Navy Commander Bakery Enthusiast Rihanna is

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