Delta Goodrem Sitting On Top of the World

MuuMuse Approved: Delta Goodrem – “Sitting on Top of the World”

If you’re somehow not already familiar, Delta Goodrem is Australian royalty.

Like Queens Kylie Minogue and Holly Valance before her, the gorgeous songstress first made a splash starring in the popular Aussie TV Neighbours soap back in 2002. (Note: It is a known Pop Truth: No Australian pop star can be considered a legend unless they’ve starred on Neighbours.)

Fast forward to a decade later, and Goodrem’s since amassed a discography of three multi-platinum studio albums and 18 singles–8 of which went to #1. And in 2010, Goodrem was awarded with an ARIA for the Highest Selling Album of the Decade for her 2003 debut, Innocent Eyes.

In short, she’s done well for herself.

Now, four years after her last single (2008’s “I Can’t Break It to My Heart”) and one break-up with Westlife‘s Brian McFadden later, the (drop dead) beautiful chanteuse is back with an absolutely amazing new tune: “Sitting On Top Of The World.”

Delta’s glorious comeback track is, more or less, the happiest song ever. “We gotta live life, give in to being/We’ve got a love like no one knows!” she merrily sings on the catchy power-pop track, produced by the renowned John Shanks. As I said in my wrap-up for MTV Buzzworthy, “Sitting” is about living life and loving life and living in love and loving in life and it’s probably the most fun, feel good, warm ‘n’ fuzzy on the inside bout of euphoria you’ll feel since that last time you were tripping out on MDMA MDMA.

(And speaking of the Queen: I’m hearing a touch of Madonna‘s “Ray of Light” in this as well. It’s the electric guitars and euphoric energy, maybe? Positive vibez!)

Sublime vocals, powerhouse instrumentation (what, no synths?!)–it’s an absolutely massive smash. Who knows? If US airwaves catch a whiff of this, she could be riding the same wave as Gotye.

The video for the song’s a real happy-go-lucky treat as well, featuring Goodrem and a lot of dancers twirling around in a giant field like fanciful forest creatures while holding balloons. At one point, she plays a piano while standing in black stilettos and wearing a bedazzled leather jacket. And if that visual alone isn’t enough to convince you to press play, you probably shouldn’t be reading this website anyway.

“Sitting On Top Of The World” will be released on April 13. (iTunes)

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