Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again (Video Premiere)

The video for Jennifer Lopez‘s soon-to-be smash on the radio “Dance Again” features just about everything that the song promises: Dancing, love (and/or love-making–or at the very least, copious amounts of foreplay), and then dancing again.

Clearly, Jennifer forgot to ask for flaws in her rider for the video shoot, because there simply are none to be found on her body–from the curvaceous lumps to the fan-blow friendly post-sex hair. And of course, Mr. Worldwide‘s on set looking charmingly pervy in his white tuxedo on loan from Baby Gap.

In order to really drive the song’s message home, J-Lo engages in the following:

1.) Levitates into a masquerade orgy/people pile of sorts a la Kylie‘s “All The Lovers” up against the ceiling (safe sex is gravity-free sex.)
2.) Rolls around in some of Ke$ha‘s leftover glitter that she upchucked last Tuesday after one too many bottles of Jack.
3.) Unleashes an absolutely mayjah dance breakdown with her newest boy toy, dancer Casper Smart, that keeps every pop chick in the game pressed. 20-year-old pop ladies, how come Madonna and J-Lo are out-dancing y’all? Oh right: ‘CAUSE THEY’RE LEGENDS.

In short, STUN-NING. (Also, oh hay gay rights (sort of)!) Shout out to the MTV All-Star Tribute!

But really, I must say: Choosing to release this video on the weekend the Lord has risen? Tsk tsk. Surely this YouTube commenter ‘soniadinoraportillo’ says it best:

Jennifer Lopez is promoting orgies and I dislike this video, she is a very promiscuous old woman trying to keep up with the teen ages, face it your are 42!.


“Dance Again” was released on April 2. (iTunes)

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