Three months since the release of her debut record Born To Die, the ever-so-lovely Miss Lana Del Rey has just released a video (or rather, a “bio-pic”) for album track, “Carmen.”

True to the original clips for “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans” released last summer, the “Carmen” clip cut ‘n’ splces scenes from old Hollywood movies, odd shots from around New York City and tiny glimpses of Lana herself out and about on the streets of Brooklyn, striking a pose and playfully canoodling with her beau.

“So, talk to me about why I’m your dream girl,” she questions him at one point. “It’s going to be a short conversation…” he quips, to which she explodes with outraged laughter: “That’s so mean!”

Like the rest of her videos, there’s something both intimate and hauntingly otherworldly about the production–the signature Lana touch.

And the song playing at the end? That’s French pianist Erik Satie‘s gorgeous “Gymnopédie No.1.” That’s right–a bit of culture for you no-good hooligans.

Nice to see you sticking to tradition, Lana. Now can you queue up a few clips for “Summertime Sadness,” “Dark Paradise” and “National Anthem” as well?

Born To Die was released on January 30. (iTunes)