Cheryl Cole: “Call My Name” (Single Review)

Time to cut your hair, paint your toes and cry those happy tears once again, ladies and ladyboys: Miss Cheryl is back!

Following two massive lead solo singles–2009’s “Fight For This Love” and 2010’s “Promise This” (both of which peaked at #1)–the gorgeous Girls Aloud chanteuse and former X Factor UK darling is going three-for-three with her Calvin Harris-produced single: “Call My Name,” the lead track from her upcoming album A Million Lights.

If it wasn’t already clear from Ne-Yo‘s “Let’s Go and the Scissor Sisters‘ “Only The Horses,” it is now: Calvin’s sticking to a template–namely, Rihanna‘s “We Found Love” (and soon to follow, “Where Have You Been”)–and he’s not letting go anytime soon.

“How d’you think I feel when you call my name? You got me confused by the way I change!” Cheryl cries out on repeat over the Ibiza-friendly beat breakdown of a chorus. It’s got the exact same electro-Caribbean rhythms and hands-aloft euphoric energy as “We Found Love,” and nearly the same melody too–but for some reason, I don’t necessarily mind the lack of innovation. It’s a banga, and Cheryl owns the track in her own right…even if it doesn’t quite reach to a higher level.

The song seems to fizzle out a bit early as well, leaving Mizz Cheryl to ad-lib like a ’90’s House queen (“OOH-oh-oh-OH!“) for about a minute or so. It’s an unusual way to close out the track (where’s the bridge, Chezza?!), but once again, I can’t say I mind that much either. Actually, the ’90’s influence throughout is the best part.

Although unadventurous (can’t cope with the “We Found Love” comparisons? Try PopJustice’s 7 Stages of the Cheryl Single), “Call My Name” is still a solid, repeat-friendly (if not by-the-numbers) production from an artist back where she belongs: On the dance floor.

And keep your eyes peeled for what’s next: The Anthony Mandler-directed clip for the song hits Vevo on May 2.

BREAKING (1 PM): Cheryl’s “Call My Name” sounds VERY GOOD in a car with the windows down. Score adjusted accordingly.



“Call My Name” will be released on June 10. (iTunes UK)

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