Well, Example‘s certainly had his hands full of smashes for the past few months.

Along with penning The Wanted‘s latest smash “Chasing The Sun” and teaming up with Calvin Harris for their brand new smash-to-be “We’ll Be Coming Back” out this week (oh, and two #1 singles last year), the British sensation’s already winding up with a brand new smash of his own: “Say Nothing,” due out in the UK on September 16.

And let me just say this now before I say the same thing in ten different ways: It’s incredible.

The song, which was produced by DJ Dirty South, plays like a classic ’80’s New Wave anthem that somehow time-traveled its way into 21st century EDM-land. “You don’t have to say nothing, ’cause your eyes do the talking,” he croons on the teary-eyed, arena-sized stormer. Between the arena-rock electric guitar riffs, the pulsating House beats and immediate sing-along chorus–really, it’s just massive. (It kind of reminds me a little bit of Lady Gaga‘s “The Edge of Glory” too, actually.)

And as if the track wasn’t radio-friendly enough, just wait for the “Oh-whoaaaa!” chant thrown in toward the very end (very The Wanted.) It’s an impossibly perfect final touch–so perfect, in fact, you’ll want to stand up and scream at the sheer amazingness of it all.

Actually, don’t scream: You don’t have to say nothing. Just let your body do the talking.