Okay, so, I don’t generally like to see concert spoilers in advance of the show…but face it, she’s Madonna.

Over the past week, fans have been sneakily capturing footage of Madge rehearsing non-stop in Tel Aviv in advance of opening night on Thursday, including the much-tweeted about “Express Yourself”/”Born This Way”/”She’s Not Me” mash-up/Lady Gaga dragging. #ZOMGDrama!

Aside from all that fuckery, this first clip below of Madonna performing the Just Blaze remix of “Give Me All Your Luvin'” appeared on my timeline, and…um, OH MY FUCKING GOD.

I’m sorry, but this breakdown actually wipes the floor with anything I’ve seen this year. Easily. Those moves are on POINT. Chills all over! Whipping them pom-poms, showing the lessers how it’s done, schoolin’ them hoes, etc. 53, people! (And the fact that the words “Bionic, supersonic…” are on repeat in the background? What a gracious and humble nod to Legendtina!)

And then there’s this clip of “Erotica.” The shirt removal! The touching all over her man! Put your hands all over my Brahim!

You’ll also want to check out an extended sneak peek in the Israeli news footage below, which includes some unbelievable captures of Madonna dancing and leaping all over the place–and even BACKWARDS SWAN DIVING. Cheryl has got to be pressed.

Finally, there’s the shaky “Express Yourself”/”Born This Way” footage at the very bottom. Break out the flashlights–it’s a shade shady up in here, y’all!

Queen of Pop remains Queen.