BoA Is Back With “Shout It Out”

Oh my good God(ney), I love me some BoA.

The dependably free-of-flaw K-Pop/J-Pop/English-Pop/All-Of-The-Pop Queen is kicking off 2014 with a powerful dance-pop track called “Shout It Out,” her 36th (!) Japanese single, due out in March.

It’s not that BoA’s really “coming back,” per se: Last year, she dropped several singles, including a Japanese version of her (still amazing) 2012 Korean midtempo “Only One”, as well as a glittery summer electro-bop “Tail Of Hope.” (I still can’t with that title — and by can’t, I mean I very much can and will.)

“Shout It Out” is a total party jam (REFERENCE — see also Dannii Minogue‘s iconic “Party Jam”), if not slightly goofy in the way that J-Pop so often is (“PARTY, IT’S SO COOL BABY! TAKE IT TO THE MOON!”) Nonetheless, those spitfire verses and that sizzling electro-pop production are more than enough to make this one an instant hit.

Also, that bridge? “Nobody cares…nobody cares, baby.” Sassy BoA? Sure. Yep. Sign me up.

But the video’s really where it’s at: Powerful choreography, strong vocals and a superstar presence that transcends the language barrier — for me, at least. Just look at those moves! That fresh style! (A Wise Snacks beanie!) And that hot bodeh! In fact, between the split-screen shots, the stark white background and all that screaming and shouting — it’s a little bit similar to her pal Britney‘s “Scream & Shout” video too, no?

This is the BoA that I’ve loved ever since I imported three of her K-Pop records from YesAsia on a whim back in 2004: She’s simply the best.


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