A Pussycat Doll and a Pussycat Doll Choreographer Walk Into A Desert…

Melody Thornton, otherwise known as the One Who Dared to Share Lead Vocals with Miss Scherzy Baby on Doll Domination‘s “Elevator” (I stan so hard for that song, y’all), released a mixtape in March called P.O.Y.B.L. (short for Piss On Your Black List, which is not to be confused with my own mixtape called P.U.Y.B.L., short for Pray Unto Your Britney, Lessers.)

Along with several swinging, swaggering ’60’s-inspired cuts like “Sweet Vendetta” and “Lipstick & Guilt,” the collection includes a cover of La Roux‘s 2009 smash “Bulletproof” sung alongside Bobby Newberry, the acclaimed choreographer-turned-pop star preparing to carve out a career in his own right. (His debut single “Dirty Up” is coming soon…foreshadowing alarm!)

“It spoke to Bobby and myself so much that we initially wanted to cover it for fun. I just hope it empowers others the way it has empowered us, the feeling was so great we were inspired to make a video for it,” said Melody of the collaboration. “To me, the strength that ‘Bulletproof’ represents mixed with this amazing black-and-white setting really brings this whole project together and I couldn’t be happier,” said Bobby of the collaboration. “Wait, did either of Nicole’s albums ever actually get released in the US?” said I of the collaboration.

The accompanying clip for the track finds Newberry and Thornton serving seriously surrious face while crooning the track on a sofa in the middle of a desert. Why? Because…well, what else does one do in a desert? RIDDLE ME THAT!

In all seriousness, Mr. Newberry’s vocals are pretty incredible, and Miss Thornton sounds fabulous as the sultry, underrated songstress she is. (Err–in her lower register, anyway. The screaming at the end gets a bit much.) Watch below!

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