Daily B: Blackout Finally Goes Platinum


Nearly five years ago, Godney graced the world with Blackout: A pop masterpiece filled with dark, chilly production that brought us such untouchable gems as “Gimme More,” “Piece of Me” and “Radar.” (Well, the first time around.)

Despite being one of the most forward-thinking pop records of the decade and receiving nearly universal critical acclaim, Blackout never enjoyed the major public visibility it deserved, largely a result of Britney’s, err…limited promotional efforts during the era. Yes, let’s call it that.

Stubbornly, Blackout hovered below the one million copy mark in sales as recently as the summer of 2011–just short of Platinum certification.

But Britney fans are not a base to fuck around with, and we wanted more. MOAH?! Yes, MOAH. Back in July, B fans rallied for Blackout Purchase Week last July (MuuMuse helped support the cause with a giveaway!), and now it seems the long overdue certification has finally been dealt.

From MTV News:

The notoriously indie-minded folks at Pitchfork declared it “superb modern pop,” while Rolling Stone has argue that it “may be the most influential pop album of the past five years.”

Five years is an interesting timeframe … because that’s just about how long it took the fan-favorite set to go platinum. Billboard revealed the statistic this weekend while answer fan questions about the career album sales of Spears and Demi Lovato relating to their new gigs on “The X Factor.” The music pub did not detail exactly when this year the set, which dropped in October 2007, finally crossed the million mark, but in discussing the achievement, the Celebrity Cafe did reveal something we never knew before … that Spears’ army of fans actively rallied behind the album last year intent to get Blackout certified platinum.


UPDATE: And what’s more–it happened during the fan campaign! Sort of.

From Billboard:

The album passed 1 million in sales for the week ending July 24, 2011. It had stood at 990,00 sold at the start of last year).

THE WEEK ENDING JULY 24! A blessed day! Looks like I’ve found my future wedding date. So that means Blackout Purchase Week campaign worked, right?! Right. (I know, it hit a million the week before the actual campaign, but JUST GO WITH IT.)

Stawberry frappes and pink wigs all around! One of The Holy Spearit’s greatest teachings–if not her all-time greatest gift to date–finally gets the credit it so deeply deserves from the RIAA.

In the (slightly altered) words of CeCe Peniston


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