Huzzah! It’s the video premiere for “Move In The Right Direction”–my personal favorite off of Gossip‘s phenomenal new record, A Joyful Noise. (Review it already! I know, please stop yelling at me, I’m only one man, stressed as it is, etc.)

What’s black and white and red all over? The answer: Queen Beth Ditto, apparently!

Watch as the soulful diva struts, snaps and pulls plenty of ridiculous faces in the text-filled clip for Gossip’s empowering new anthem: Everything about this clip is perfection–the sexy back-up dancing boys, the in-text humo(u)r (“DANCE SECTION”), and of course, Ditto moving in the rightest of right directions.

Compared to the stark (but gorgeous!) “Perfect World” video, it’s nice to see Ditto letting loose and actually having some fun. Work, work, work! (No, really–I’d love to stay and party, but I gotta go to work.)

But really–the faces! I absolutely cannot (AND YET I CAN, BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO.) Adorable. Just don’t hold that pose too long, Beth–your face will stick that way! It’s science.

A Joyful Noise was released on May 11. (iTunes)