Icona Pop: I Love It (Video Premiere)

Swedish indie-dance-pop-call-it-what-you-want duo Icona Pop, who first made waves with their delicious Kitsune-approved “Manners” back in 2011, are back with a seriously killer bang: “I Love It.”

Propelled by a sledgehammering synth stomp crafted by fellow Swedes Patrik Berger (Robyn‘s “Dancing On My Own”) and Style of Eye, the girls unleash their inner pop-punk princess, akin to Dragonette‘s Martina, or even some of that feisty Girls Aloud/Dolly Rockers UK girl group energy. “I got this feeling on a summer day when you were gone/I crashed my car into the bridge/I watched, I let it burn!” they declare. It’s like one big, defiant response to Martin Solveig‘s “Hello.”

I especially live for the song’s sassy sing-spoken bridge: “You’re from the ’70’s, but I’m a ’90’s bitch!” Oh, YES!

Icona Pop’s latest provides such a perfectly ferocious burst of energy, you’ll be balling up your man’s shit in a bag, throwing it down the stairwell and crashing your car into a bridge in no time. (Actually, maybe don’t do that.)

Can you say “Summer anthem” in Swedish? Actually I can, thanks to Google Translate an actual Swedish person…


“I Love It” will be released in Sweden on May 9. (iTunes Sweden)

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