Scissor Sisters Deliver Sickening Drag Anthem: “Let’s Have A Kiki”

Did it just get a shade shady in here?

Hot off the (high) heels of the ghoulishly delightful Miss Sharon Needles‘ crowning as this year’s winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race comes a runway-ready new drag anthem from the Scissor Sisters‘ upcoming record, Magic Hour: “Let’s Have A Kiki.”

What’s a kiki? Allow the group’s most divalicious member, Mizz Ana Matronic (err, second biggest diva–sorry Jake!) explain: “A kiki is a party/for calming all your nerves/We’re spilling tea and dishing just desserts when they deserve.” The shade of it all! (Shady love, to be exact.)

The Scissters are serving Supermodel of the World realness with those throbbing, early 90’s club beats–and the results are something fierce, hunty. That spoken word intro alone (“You know, the MTA–it should start for Motherfuckers Touching my Ass!“)–LIFE GIVING. Pose, work, strut, turn. (Legendtina would be proud–so very GLAM.)

Between “Shady Love,” “Only The Horses” and “Let’s Have A Kiki,” Magic Hour‘s clearly shaping up to be a real mishmash of sounds. Gay, gay sounds. Now take us out, Queen Latrice Mothafuckin’ Royale!

The band made the track available to stream on Spotify in some countries, but if you can’t access it in your country…


Magic Hour will be released on May 28. (iTunes)

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