You already know coco morier, but perhaps by a different name: She’s Nicole Morier, the talented Electrocute singer-songwriter who co-penned Britney‘s “How I Roll” and “Trip To My Heart,” Sky Ferreira‘s “99 Tears” and Selena Gomez‘s “Whiplash,” amongst dozens of other pop gems. Lately, she’s been doing her own thing.

After launching collaborative record label INGRID back in April along with Miike Snow, Peter, Bjorn & John, Lykke Li and several other Swedish talents, morier has just premiered the video for her completely genius single “Ambulance,” which was co-scribed by Sky Ferreira and Miike Snow.

The clip follows a sullen girl as she wanders through a state of dreaming, popping pills, gorging on food late at night (too real) and experiencing weird, glittery hallucinations. It’s like a cross between The Virgin Suicides, Valley of the Dolls, Girl Interrupted and a Surrealist film festival, resulting in something as otherworldly and morbid as the song itself (if that doesn’t sound like a compliment, it is.) Also, I have a feeling Marina And The Diamonds would totally dig this.

Dig it too? Good. It’s just a taste of what’s to come from morier’s debut Strangers May Kiss, due out June 19 on INGRID.

“Took the anesthetic, but I can still feel…”

Strangers May Kiss will be released on June 19. (iTunes)