“Gunshot”: Lykke Li’s ‘I Never Learn’ Song Is All Sorts of Devastazing

I’ll be honest: I lumme some Lykke Li and all, but the first few offerings from her upcoming record I Never Learn — “Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone” and “No Rest for the Wicked — haven’t particularly tickled my fancy. (I just found them a bit meandering and uneventful…I apologize to all offended parties in advance. It’s not you, it’s me.)

“Gunshot,” however, just came blasting from out of nowhere — and entirely revitalized my interest in the project.

Produced by Greg Kurstin and co-penned by Rick Nowels (that the song is amazing is now less of a surprise), the aching declaration of unrequited love is all sorts of Stevie Nicks-meets-Florence & The Machine witchiness, drenched in the distant, worldweary despair that colors much of Lykke’s earlier work. “I am no one, I am nobody/I am longing for your honey,” she sighs. #EMO.

But that chorus tho: Wooooooosh! “And the shot goes through my head and back/Gun shot, can’t take it back,” Lykke cries across pounding drums and dull piano chords in the distance. “My heart cracked, really loved you bad.” What an incredibly strong, haunting pop melody — like the ghost of a lost Fleetwood Mac session lingering in the speakers from long ago.

It’s devastating. It’s amazing. It’s devastazing.

Lykke confirmed that every song on I Never Learn would be a “power ballad.” If the rest of the record serves up this much punch, it’ll be something to remember. (And if you clocked that reference, come sit here next to me.)

‘I Never Learn’ will be released on May 6. (iTunes)

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