It’s been over twelve years (dear God, we’re old) since Melanie C first released her legendary trance anthem, “I Turn To You.” Now, Sporty’s about to get dance-y all over again.

The talented Spice Girls chanteuse has teamed up with London DJ/producer/Queen of Clubs Jodie Harsh to release The Night on May 13, a 3-track EP of club-pop grooves.

I happened to get a bit of an Excluusive first listen a while ago, and I can confirm that it’s quite the lil’ corker of a collection: “Set You Free” was an instant favorite with its Ibiza-lite chorus (“Let the music set you free!”) and dub-y verses, while “Walk Away” is a sad, sparkling electro-ballad that floats atop a tripping beat. “As I walk away, a change in atmosphere/There’s nothing left to say, the skies begin to clear,” she sings.

Below is a 30-second teaser of “Sunrise,” which is a pretty solid indication overall of what’s to come. Pound the alarm!

The Night EP will be released on May 13. (iTunes)