Okay, look: I love me some Kelly Clarkson. I’m a card-carrying Kelly stan. But the video for “Dark Side” is really not very good. At all.

I know the Stronger era is about self-empowerment and whatnot, but must everything relate to the idea? This video is essentially one massive #ItGetsBetter PSA about every possible self-destructive vice and/or terrible thing that happens in the world: Drugs! Alcohol! Bullying! Domestic abuse! Divorce! …Military service! (?!)

Don’t get me wrong: Kelly looks gorgeous (especially that sheer outfit–WOW!) and I’m so pleased that “Dark Side” is the next single, but it’s one of Stronger‘s darkest (LOL!) tracks. It begged for a return to the My December era, in which Clarkson would play the part of an Evil Queen, wear a giant flowing gown and walk through an enchanted forest in the midnight hour.

Instead, this was less about Kelly’s dark side, and more a series of Lifetouch school portraits of people of every race, color and creed hugging Kelly Clarkson. And that, you know…works too I guess, but it’s just not very dark sided.

Besides, there’s only one music video in this world that has truly tackled addiction, bullying and self-loathing perfectly, and that’s Legendtina‘s “Beautiful.”

Urgh! Come on, Kelly.

Stronger was released on October 21. (iTunes)