Ready to get your bubblegum hearts racing?

As we all well know by now, our beloved Marina And The Diamonds is preparing to release the second single off of Electra Heart, “Power & Control,” on July 23. (Haven’t heard the album yet? First, you should be ashamed of yourself as a human. Second, check out the review NOW!)

Last week, Krystal Klear revealed their take on Marina’s upcoming smash, which is early ’90’s House-tastic enough to motivate me to open my own ballroom and found the House of LaBeija-Marina. (It’s a work in progress.)

Now, MuuMuse has the first play of Michael Woods‘ scorching remix of Marina’s upcoming single–and it’s MASSIVE.

Hang tight to the heart on your cheek: By the time the mix finally bursts into its gigantic EDM beat breakdown, you’ll be LIVING DEAD. I guarantee it. Listen below!

Electra Heart was released on April 30. (iTunes)