Start gathering the balloons and cutting the confetti cake now: A little under two years since her last single “Fuckin’ Perfect” and just under four years since her last studio record Funhouse, Pink is coming out–so you better get this party started once again.

(You might want to keep the volume at a reasonable level, though–she’s got a little bebe named Willow now, you know!)

That’s right! Just minutes ago, the singer uploaded a surprise video on Twitter, where she announced that the lead single from her upcoming sixth studio album will be called “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” produced by the reliably incredible Greg Kurstin, and will be released on July 9.

“Blow Me”? Oh Pink, you and your sassy sense of humor!

This isn’t the first time she’s collaborated with Kurstin: The two previously paired up for “Centerfold,” the UK bonus track on 2006’s I’m Not Dead…and that track’s fucking amazing and underrated. You ready for what’s next?

Check out Pink’s announcement below!