Poor Will Young.

Judging by the clip for his gorgeous new single “I Just Want A Lover,” it looks like the original Pop Idol winner has gone and squandered all of the funds from his insanely incredible studio album Echoes last year, and now he’s fallen from grace–from pop star status to a full-time Tesco register boy. (“And it feels like…bankruptcy!”)

But fear not: He’s a crafty one. Sure, he doesn’t have a dollar to his name, but DAMN IT, he still knows how to dance!

Well, with a shopping cart anyway: Watch as Will twirls for miles on end to the delicious disco stomp of his new single, all while accompanied by new metallic beau. They’re basically the new Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers!

This video hits frighteningly close to home back in the days I used to work in retail. I’d rather not talk about it.

But for serious, though: As with everything about the Echoes era, this video and this song are nothing less than complete perfection.