MuuMuse In Four Minutes.


Every now and then, in every good blogger’s life, a time comes when a certain video or advertisement rolls around within the blogosphere that happens to fully encapsulate every whimsical facet of their inner being.

That time is now.

Here now is the new campaign for MAC’s collaboration line with Hello Kitty.

Let’s review:

+ Cute Sanrio character.
+ Haute Couture.
+ Disco balls.
+ Stilettos.
+ Gwen Stefani‘s “What You Waiting For” meets David LaChapelle meets German Expressionist film. (Can anyone confirm the director?)
+ Absolutely luscious Goldfrapp-esque backing track.
+ Stuffed animals.
+ General fucking amazingness.

Not since this video has an advertisement so fully encapsulated who I am as a person.

Please, if any of you know who’s track is being featured here, send me an e-mail ASAP!

Special thanks to special foreign operative and assistant to the stars Nora, now briefly away on assignment in Hungary, for finding this one–and to a greater extent, for finding me.

Rolling Down The Rivers In Glitter

Rolling Down The Rivers In Glitter

“Heads Will Roll”–It’s the newly leaked track from the

Queerty: The Results

Queerty: The Results


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