Ciara likes to spend a lot of time riding in the backseat — and now, we finally know why.

“Backseat Love” is the iTunes-only bonus track from CiCi’s excellent new album, Ciara, produced by The Underdogs, who also produced Britney‘s “Mannequin” and Jordin Sparks‘ “No Air.”

Tripping along some spacey synthesizers and super turnt up, dub-infused hip-hop beats, the scorching midtempo chugs along as CiCi fogs up the windows and rocks the vehicle with her private backseat body party: “Backseat, windows up / That’s the way that I like to, uh…,” she purrs. Like to what, CiCi? Don’t worry, just read her lips.

As with her past albums, Ciara loves to leave little gems for bonus tracks. (Fantasy Ride‘s “Echo” and “And I,” anyone? Evolution‘s “Addicted”?) This one’s just as sexy as anything else off the record — and a perfect sequel to her frontseat foreplay track, “DUI.”

Get ready to ride in the backseat.

Ciara will be released on July 9. (iTunes)