Meet Turkish pop star, Atiye.

Atiye has been described as “The J.Lo of Turkey” in her official press release, which is an incredible description, so I’m just going to take as an objective fact.

The German-born songstress dropped her debut album at 17 years old with Sony Records, followed by a self-titled sophomore record that spawned two Top 5 singles in Turkey: “Muamma” and “Salla.” She also won Best Turkish Act at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards, and later notched another #1 hit with “Budur.”

And now, like so many successful overseas acts, she’s set her sights beyond Europe.

Atiye has a debut US single coming out this week — today, actually! — called “Come To Me,” which I’m happy to premiere this morning on MuuMuse.

The David Anthony-produced English language track is an all-out club corker with a subtle Eastern flair throughout and big blasts of EDM beat drops, all wrapped around a sultry little hook: “Come to me, come to me now…baby, I need you right now!

Check out her American debut single “Come To Me” at the top, and make sure to check out some of her past Turkish hits as well. I’m kind of living for her “Muamma” moves.

Here’s to more and more international pop acts gaining recognition stateside!

“Come To Me” will be released on April 8. (iTunes)