Diana Vickers Makes Royal Return With New Single, “Cinderella”


Unlike its American counterpart, X Factor UK has consistently provided some of most refreshing, thrilling acts to the Brit-pop industry over the past few years — Cher Lloyd, One Direction, and of course, Season 5 finalist Diana Vickers.

After exiting the show back in 2008, the quirky singer-songwriter made a major splash in the pop scene with her brilliant debut, Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree — one of the best pop records of 2010, and the source of such electro-pop gems as “Once” and “Boy Who Murdered Love.”

After several years of writing, recording and testing out tunes on the road, the quirky, sorta-kinda mumbly songstress is now stepping back out into the spotlight with an official comeback track: “Cinderella” (Temper your expectations: It’s not a Britney cover.) Luckily, it’s still completely amazing.

For her grand return, Diana finds herself getting lost in fairytale fantasies, all while twirling in between lush synth-pop beats and glittering electronica.

The track was co-penned by Vickers, Simen and Simone Eriksrud and Miranda Cooper, one of the holy members of Xenomania. (In fact, Cooper’s A&R’ed the whole upcoming album due out later this year, Music To Make Boys Cry. Eep!)

The result, essentially, is a flirty, Taylor Swift-esque flight of fancy set to a sleek electronic soundscape, with catchy hooks and melodies fit for a Queen — and by that, I mean Girls Aloud, Mini Viva, Kylie Minogue, or any other member of female pop royalty who’ve called upon the almighty UK pop production troupe. (The production’s also a bit Robyn.)

Therefore, it’s thoroughly the stuff of pop perfection.

Amazing lyric: “Some wanna live an airbrushed world, like the cover of a magazine.”

More amazing lyric: “I believe in thunderbolts and butterflies when you look into my eyes.” (Was there significant doubt of their existence?)

Most amazing lyric: “Because for you I would lose both, both of my shoes.” (Both of her shoes, y’all!)

Unfortunately, the song’s not being officially released until mid-July, which is apparently some sort of fun marketing throwback to the days of 2002 when consumers didn’t immediately rip songs from the web and record labels didn’t have to throw songs on iTunes within a month of premiering online. (No seriously, Camp Vickers: What are you doing? Put this out NOW.)

Regardless: Welcome back, Miss Vicks—you were missed.

“Cinderella” will be released on July 19. (iTunes UK)

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