These are the dreams…of an impossible Kylie Minogue fan.

The divine diva has already been delighting fans with dozens (alliteration sequence now shutting down!) of goodies as part of the ongoing K25 celebration this year, including the Anti-Tour, the release of “Timebomb” and gorgeous renditions of classic tracks recorded in Abbey Road Studios which, as we already know, will culminate as a full orchestral record due out later this year.

But now, the pixie-sized princess really gone and done it: According to a release schedule from UK trade publication Music Week, Kylie will be releasing a brand new, err–not-so-new single on September: “Flower.”

The beloved track was originally penned alongside music maestro Steve Anderson over five years ago for inclusion on Kylie’s 2007 record X, although it didn’t wind up making the final cut. (The sheer amount of B-sides, demos and unreleased tracks from that era is fairly staggering.)

However, that didn’t stop Mizz Minogue from including the track in the set list of her tour from that era, the KylieX2008 Tour, which rapidly became a favorite among fans. “Distant child, my flower/Are you blowing in the breeze/Can you feel me as I breathe life into you?” Kylie lovingly coos on the soaring ballad, a tender ode to an unborn child.

It’s gorgeous, entirely heartbreaking, and certainly one of Kylie’s most vulnerable musical moments in recent memory. And on September 25, “Flower” is finally seeing the light of day. Or…blossoming, if you will.