Kat DeLuna’s Reign Continues With Expensive Dress and Game-Changing New Club Anthem, “Wanna See U Dance”

Here’s the thing about Kat DeLuna (or, as she’s known in Belgium, Kat DeLegend): She is a fucking icon.

The “Unstoppable” chanteuse has been churning out non-charting club anthems heard by literally no one for years, from her 2009 ode to going into labor “Push Push”, to 2010’s “Party O’Clock”–which soared to #222 on the European Singles Chart–to “Drop It Low,” which I once saw playing on the TV at an empty gay bar in New Haven, Connecticut on a Tuesday night.

Now, the pint-sized princess of dance-pop is back for more with a major new cut off of Viva Out Loud, her upcoming album that’s definitely never coming out in America: “Wanna See U Dance,” a seismic smash of Latin-flared RedOne-esque synthesizers about getting down and living it up that would make Edward Maya and his “Stereo Love” shake in his boots three years ago. And–is that what I think it is?! WHY YES, IT IS: A FASHIONABLE DUBSTEP BREAKDOWN.

Make sure to watch the “Where Have You Been”-biting clip for the song below, which Rihanna has reportedly referred to among friends as “the official mark of the end of my reign. Phuck Kat DeLuna.” It also features a very expensive dress.

From RyanSeacrest.com:

I got to wear a dress from House of Worth and we actually pulled it from a museum. It was like an honor wearing like this dress that is in a museum and is amazing, but they’re like, ‘Wait, hold it. Don’t walk so much.’ The dress was worth $150,000. Imagine. I was like ‘Wait, I don’t want to mess it up.’

Did you know? $150,000.


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