The situation was getting a little worrisome at first, but never fear–RiRi is here.

Ahead of the release of her 7,239th studio album Happy Fearless Chalice Unapologetic, Illuminati High Priestess, Diamond Blunt Smoker and Unofficial Spokeswoman for Instagram Rihanna is embarking on an ambitious promotional tour. (Have you seen the ratchety, stunning album art yet?)

According to Billboard, the 777 Tour will see the Barbadian beauty hopping aboard a Boeing 777 (I C WUT U DID THERE, RIRI) along with several “elite” members of the Rihanna Navy and 150 journalists (I’m assuming my invite must have hit the spam folder by accident), as they travel across 7 different countries to perform 7 shows in 7 days, beginning on November 14.

No word on where the concerts will be just yet, nor how to order tickets, but we’ll probably find out soon on Twitter–in hashtag form, of course. Let’s hope RiRi’s got a personal translator on board too: How does one say “Suck my cockiness” in German again?

In the meantime, if phucking yo wallet is yo thang, you can now opt to pre-order the $250 Diamonds Executive Platinum Box of Unapologetic, which includes a T-shirt, a personal note from Rihanna and a viewfinder.

Now, about that Lotus promo…oh wait! There it is.

“Diamonds” was released on September 27. (iTunes)