A Real Reason to Give Thanks: Paris Hilton’s Scrapped Single “Last Night (feat. Lil Wayne)” Finally Surfaces

Many moons ago, the promise of pop goddess and professional famous person Paris Hilton‘s long, long awaited follow-up to her all-around amazing 2006 debut Paris still shined bright (like a diamond.)

“It’s coming!” she promised us all last year. “I collaborated with Flo Rider and LAMFO!” she boasted earlier this year. And back in June, she messily sang on top of her supposedly upcoming Afrojack-produced single, “Last Night” to the unworthy crowd in Brazil during a DJ set.

And then, silence. The summer passed us by and the stars remained blind. Together, fellow Hilton stans united in peaceful protest, staging sit-ins at every Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories in the Middle East and staging major hunger strikes worldwide.

It’s since been quietly assumed that the Paris Hilton follow-up has been swept underneath one of her Persian carpets…until now: Yesterday, Paris Hilton’s original version of “Last Night,” featuring Lil Wayne, leaked onto the Internets (she’s sort of got bad luck with that, doesn’t she?), no doubt a Thanksgiving blessing from the Pop Gods.

“I can’t believe what we did last night,” the DP Princess (that’s dance-pop, obviously) luxuriously croons atop her EDM smash, “I wanna say ‘Oh my god, that was so much fun’/I’ll never forget it, telling everyone about last night.” And then, the ‘blazin’ beats’ come a-bangin’ into the speakers, resulting in one massive breakdown of Ecstasy-addled proportions.

Weezy’s verses, too, are hot fiya, featuring fuckloads of gems like “It was me, myself and I and her/We had ourselves a foursome” and “Excuse my French, but fuck the cameras/I wanna spend the night in Paris.” REFERENCE!

The track has since been rudely re-recorded by Australian DJ-turned-pop-starlet Havana Brown for Pitbull‘s (appropriately) damningly-titled Global Warming, though it obviously pales in comparison.

While we may never hear what came of Hilton’s Afrojack-produced House record–no, I won’t say that, it will come one day (I’ve been manifesting positive energy The Secret-style lately, it’s totally working), at the very least, nothing in this world can stop us from “Last Night.”

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