After getting oh-so-close to snagging the #1 spot on the UK Singles Chart with her phenomenal debut “You Bring Me Joy” back in September (topping out at #2), X Factor UK alum Amelia Lily is coming back with a second bout of Xenomania-infused bliss in January.

As opposed to the dreamy synthesized soundscape of “Joy,” “Shut Up” is a more aggressive, club-ready smash full of stomping sparkles of electronica and the sort of wild yelping that took Lily to the top during her X Factor days.

The verses are giving me pure Amber‘s “Sexual (La Da Di).” The “Oooo-OOOO-oOOo-OOOO” is all shades of Kylie‘s “In Your Eyes.” And that chorus–an explosive moment of in-your-face attitude and diva-sized pipes–is Girls Aloud at their punchiest, mixed with just the slightest hint of Miley Cyrus‘ rocky twang.

For Xenomania, it’s yet another diamond to drop in the overflowing bucket of pop gems. But for Lily, it’s a massive smash-to-be that ought to ignite the charts just before she drops her debut in February 2013.

Now shut up and give it a go.

“Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)” will be released in January. (iTunes)