Leah Kate Bad Idea

Leah Kate Makes a ‘Bad Idea’ Sound Pretty Damn Good

A pop ode to bad decision-making that is, in fact, very good.

Another day, another stay.

While the world largely continues to keep things socially distanced (which some of you are better at than others, evidently), there is no shortage of new music that has us yearning for some communal singing, dancing and, in the case of LA-based One to Watch™ Leah Kate, some poor decision-making this summer.

In what is now her first release of 2020, following her debut EP Impulse released last year, the rising electro-pop singer-songwriter co-wrote “Bad Idea” with Hayley Gene Penner, who also collaborated with Lennon Stella (who released one of my favorite records this year, Three. Two. One.), as well as producer Louis Schoorl, who’s worked with everyone from Girls’ Generation (“My Oh My”) to Australian Idol “Maze” icon Jessica Mauboy (“Gotcha”).

The ode to a sure-to-be regrettable love affair is also highly relatable, especially in a time when it’s a bad idea to be doing much of anything with anybody, period. Pandemic aside, we all make choices – whether that be walking out the door without an umbrella just before a downpour, or heading out to hook up with an anonymous shirtless torso who hit you up on the apps at 3 in the morning.

“We all have imperfections, and can have distorted thinking caused by love or desire, and that’s okay. This internal conflict is real, it is normal, and it is something we all find ourselves needing to address at some point. Sometimes doing something that seems like a bad idea can be exhilarating and fun, and it ultimately helps us to learn about ourselves and grow,” Leah says of the song.

The track also suits the approaching summer season, equipped with a sheen of sunny synths, a hot strut of a beat (that actually sort of reminds me of Ciara‘s unbelievably good “Overdose”) and funky flourishes that’ll almost make you forget about that deep, deep sense of regret. The chorus is a no-brainer of an earworm, and that “You’re such a…you’re such a…” bridge? Flawless pop execution.

What are we doing? I know, I know… / When you take my hand, forget about all my fear / But I know that you’re a bad, bad, bad idea,” she sings on the joyous anthem in celebration of questionable judgment.

“I want my listeners to feel a sense of comfort when they may be in a similar situation… to know that they’re not alone, and can bring a little light to the situation. I am a big advocate of following your gut and listening to your heart. Whether someone is making a choice about what job to take, what to say to someone, if they should move to another city or not, or a romantic situation like mine – this internal conflict extends beyond making bad choices with just lovers. Look for the light and the lesson when making any choice, and lean in when your gut tells you to. Living and learning is fun!”

Look: just do what feels right for you in this life, and do your best not to hurt anyone in the process. In the meantime, adding this to your playlist? Now that’s an objectively good idea.

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Photo Credit: Grant Spanier

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