Meet Honor, an elusive chanteuse with an even more elusive USB drive.

See, Honor has a rather intriguing discovery story that doesn’t involve being spotted performing at a local bar or racking up followers on YouTube. Well…not exactly, anyway.

As legend would have it, YouTuber Luke Cutforth (LukeIsNotSexy) found a USB drive while commuting home in a train, containing “demos, drawings, photos and videos” belonging to an unknown songstress.

Being the popular YouTuber he is, Luke created a video asking for help to find her. The hunt blew up across social media, and Honor was discovered…in more ways than one: The search for the singer also caught the interest of Italy-based Spaceship Management (Benny Benassi, Alex Gaudino). The team decided to put together a remix and video package deal with Honor for her debut single, “Never Off.”

And that brings us to where we are today.

It’s a good thing Luke put out the search , because Honor clearly has plenty of promise: The melancholy dream-pop tune sees the songstress wrapping her uniquely androgynous, sort of otherworldly voice around bass-heavy beats, dreamy synths and atmospheric sounds, recalling bits of M83, BROODS, Say Lou Lou and all the rest of the best of today’s lush mood-makers.

It’s quite an intriguing start…and further proof that if you see something, say something.