Wynter Gordon seems down for a rumble lately.

First, she was letting her fists fly during a bloody showdown against Steve Aoki on “Ladi Dadi.” Now, she’s back–along with some seriously pent-up aggression!–for “TKO.” (Luckily, no one was harmed.)

The song, which features The Oxymorrons, is one of the new cuts from Wynter’s upcoming EP Sanguine–the second part of her ongoing 4-part Human Condition series–and, as is always the case with the eclectic singer-songstress, it’s a total knockout.

She’s already dabbled in just about every genre known to man (and probably invented one or two of her own along the way.) This time around, she’s mashing hectic electronic beats with aggressive vocals. The result? A punchy, intimidating burst of dance floor adrenaline: “What chu think you gon do, huh?” she taunts us endlessly.

The accompanying video sees Wynter working her way down the Lower East Side, causing a commotion in the streets, posing in front of shopfronts and flaunting some seriously sick fashions (and inflatable chairs!), as the mile-a-minute jump cuts mirror the frantic flow of the track. Also, she looks HOT. AS. ICE.

With all the galavanting ’round Chinatown, kimono poses and the kanji flashing all over the screen, the video actually gives me total flashbacks to Kylie‘s infamously weird/amazing (weimazing?) Towa Tei collaboration, “German Bold Italic.”

It’s feisty and fresh, just like Miss Wynter. What can I say? She’s on top of her game.

“You think you know, but you don’t know shit…”