Charli XCX You Ha Ha Ha

Charli XCX is riding high on that future sound.

Earlier today, the genre-bending LDN alt-pop princess unveiled the fantastic new video for her trippy, Gold Panda-sampling new single: “You (Ha Ha Ha).”

Charli loves herself a gritty, industrial aesthetic (and a good pair of platform Buffalo boots–see also: “You’re The One”), so it only makes sense that she’d bring us into yet another warehouse (or a Williamsburg art studio, can’t be certain) in the Ryan Andrews directed clip, this time with some of her fashionista friends in tow.

Together, the gun-toting crew of bad ass beauties and their commander line up loads of lipstick-loaded ammunition and fire them off like mad. Why? Don’t really know–it’s just what the cool kids are doing.

The post-Tumblr pop starlet’s visual palette is colored by loads of pop culture influences (as with her video for “Cloud Aura”). This video’s no exception, with nods to the cheeky rambunctiousness of The Spice Girls (she’s giving me Sporty realness at times) to Party Monster to Clueless to The Fifth Element. I’m pretty sure I saw Wednesday Adams hanging out in her troupe, too.

“You were old school, I was on the new shit…”

Charli XCX’s debut album will be released in 2013. (iTunes)